Time to rehearse!

26 October 2016

Ben and Krysia took time today to see us rehearse the presentation we will give tomorrow at Dyson.

And action!

25 October 2016

Today, it’s time to record everything for posterity! We recorded like pro the final general demo of the system for our trailer. Have a look at it! We also did some interviews of the members of the different team, questions being about what they think about the project, how much...


24 October 2016

Since Friday, everyone is working on the posters as the deadline is today midnight! After many poster templates updates, we finally agreed on this template. Using the previous presentation template, we will now work on the slides for Thursday’s presentation!

We love to scan!

20 October 2016

Over the past few days, the hardware, scanning and printing teams have made wonders! After more than 10h, our first scanned object was printed and looks bright! The final hardware parameters are now fully defined by the scanning team to obtain optimal mesh of any objects. They tried on objects...

Building time!

18 October 2016

Today, the holding mount for the Kinect arrived - thanks to Amazon Premium :). The hardware team made a base holder with the engine and rotating plate. The team also 3D printed mounts to hold the rotating part and fixed part used for background removal. The printing team also decided...

Let it spin!

13 October 2016

A new and improved turntable prototype has now been designed! And the results from preliminary tests are impressive. By making use of KFusion (github.com/GerhardR/kfusion) , high quality meshes were attainable with a fixed camera and simple rotating objects. The output from the software demonstrates its ability to capture detail robustly....

Printers finally available!

12 October 2016

We have our first 3D print! After taking a simple scan of a rucksack, we’ve produced a scaled down 3D printed version. The green shows a lower resolution, and the orange higher. We also produced a 3D print of a gear system, which can hopefully be used to slow down...

Preliminary presentation to Dyson

11 October 2016

Today we had another visit by Rob from Dyson, and we all gave ~10 minute presentations about what we had achieved so far, and what we intended to achieve during the course of the project. The mechanical team presented first, and explained the proposed use of a turntable for rotating...

Our first baby steps

10 October 2016

We’ve had a lot of great developments over the last few days, here are the highlights: Charlie of the Media team came up with a product name and logo, in very close keeping with the dyson branding! The Hardware team have also made some fantastic progress, here is a prototype...

First Brainstorming

06 October 2016

Today we had our first official meeting! Exciting stuff. For all you Protocopier enthusiasts out there, he is a short breakdown of what happened. We met at 10:00am in the wonderful CDT space to put our heads together and think about the general approach we wanted to take. As you...